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Draft Beer

Blue Moon (Colorado)

Pint - $4.75 Blue Moon Blegian White is refreshing, medium-bodied, unfiltered belgian-style wheat ale spiced with fresh coriander and orange peel for a uniquely complex taste and an uncommonly smooth finish. 5.4% ABV

$13.95 /pitcher

Brown's Cherry Razz (Troy, NY)

Pint - $5.50 Amber Ale made with whole crushed cherries and raspberries balancing a sweet malt character and a slight hop zest 6.5% ABV

$15.95 /pitcher

Bud Light (Missouri)

Pint - $4.00 Light Lager, Premium aroma hop varieties - American-grown and imported - plus barley malts and rice go into the world's favorite light beer. 4.2% ABV

$12.95 /pitcher

Coors Light (Colorado)

Pint - $3.75 Coors Light's unique frost-brewing process locks in a taste as cold as the Rockies. 4.2% ABV

$11.95 /pitcher

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

Pint - $6.50 60 Minute IPA is continuously hopped - more than 60 hop additions over a 60 minute boil. A powerful but balanced East-Coast IPA with a lot of citrusy hop character. 6.0% ABV

$19.95 /pitcher

Fat Tire Amber Ale (Colorado)

Pint - $5.50 Toasty malt, gentle sweetness, flash of fresh hop bitterness. The malt and hops are perfectly balanced, subtle notes of fresh fennel and green apple 5.2% a.b.v.

$15.95 /pitcher

Guinness Stout (Ireland)

Pint - $5.50 Everyday more than 10 million glasses are enjoyed worldwide. Guinness is famous for its dark color, creamy head and unique surge and settle. Guinness stout has distinctive ruby color and slightly bitter taste. 4.1% ABV

$15.95 /pitcher

Harpoon IPA ( Massachusetts)

Pint - $5.00 Harpoon IPA is an interpretation of the classic English style using hops and malt growin in the United States. 5.9% ABV

$14.95 /pitcher

Heineken - "Brewlock System" - (Amsterdam)

Pint $5.00 This version of Heineken never touches co2 until the moment its poured, keeping it as fresh as if it was poured at the brewery. 5% ABV

$14.95 /pitcher

Killian'S Irish Red (Ireland)

Pint - $4.25 George Killian's Irish Red is an authentic Irish lager based on an original family recipe that dates back to 1864. Known for its rich amber color and thick, creamy head. 4.9% ABV

$13.95 /pitcher

Ommegang - Rare Vos (Cooperstown, New York)

Pint - $5.75 Beautiful coppery-amber color with rich creamy head. Aroma of spicy orange blossoms, mellow flavor of caramel malt with a dry, hop finish. 6.5% ABV

$16.95 /pitcher

Peroni (Italy)

Pint - $5.25 The light, crisp European lager is produced using only the highest quality natural ingredients grown in Italy. 5.1% ABV

$14.95 /pitcher

Samuel Adams (Massachusetts)

Pint - $5.50 Sam Adams is full bodied and complex. Carmel and sweet balanced with dinstinct citrus and piney notes. 4.9% ABV

$15.95 /pitcher

Samuel Adams Seasonal (Massachusetts)

Pint - $5.50 Sam Adams Seasonal changes every four months. 5.3% ABV

$15.95 /pitcher

Stella Artois (Belgium)

Pint - $5.50 Stella, the Latin word for star, was first introduced in celebration of the festive season. It was an instant sensation, and became so popular that it stayed in demand throughout history, and for decades to come. Today, Stella Artois is renowned as a quality beer conditioned for an average of 6 - 11 days longer than most other beers. It is full-bodied with an alcohol content of 5.2% ABV

$15.95 /pitcher

Yuengling (Pennsylvania)

Pint - $4.75 Brewed with roasted Caramel malts for a subtle sweetness combined with a two hop combination promises a well balanced taste. 4.5% ABV

$13.95 /pitcher